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    Ultimate exp hack 3

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    Ultimate exp hack 3

    Post by greeneye_m_g on Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:58 am

    • Enter any room without 5 seconds waiting restriction.
    • Removes all advertisement banners in Garena.
    • 100 Exp / 15mins for basic member and
    200 Exp / 15mins for Gold member
    • Pings can be seen on digits.
    • No Chat Restrictions, Spam allowed.
    • Unlimited group alert
    • Garena Updating disabled.
    • Shows HP bars in WarCraft.
    • Show enemy icons ingame.
    • WarCraft 3 Dota Inventory Hotkeys.
    • Can open more than one Garena clients at one time.
    • Admin Functions (some of them will not work)
    • Auto game room joiner (AutoJoiner) | Press F12 to turn on, F11 to turn off.
    • Anti-Hack Protection removed.
    • Can use other hacks also including Custom Kick, Drophack etc.
    • Namespoofer, ability to change username.
    • Host can use Custom Kick Garena to win ladder game.
    • Ladder Always.
    • Host a game under custom name.
    • Can Enter Custom Ladder level
    • You can open more then multiple Garena clients for more exp.
    • 7 Servers are added including DotA-Utilities server.
    • Can leave room while playing

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