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    Meepo Bot v1.1

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    Meepo Bot v1.1 Empty Meepo Bot v1.1

    Post by GarenaZombi™ on Sat May 15, 2010 7:28 am

    MeepoBoy is small Program Created forGeomaner,
    Meepoin Dota. It allows you to cast Poof to
    Your Clones in just 1 click. By using This program you can deal mass
    amount of damge to your enemies in one instant.

    100% NOT banable!

    Download Link:

    Virus Scan:

    1.Download MeepoBot v1.1
    2. Extract it using WinRaR to any folder
    3.Run Warcraft 3 & MeepoBot
    4. Set the Hotkey for Meepo's Poof.
    5.Join a Game
    6. Press your assigned hotkey to proof.
    7. Start Ownage

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